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Recruiting is more than algorithms and what sounds good on paper.

We measure compatibility with a number of variables, including skills, goals, personality, attitude, and excellence. This isn’t pin the tail on the donkey, this is precision work. We are driven to seek individuals who will contribute to the success of your company. Because your success is our success.

Recruitment: Work

We thoughtfully source and curate the human talent and resources for your company. Our work with you is approached as a partnership, treating the task as though we are finding candidates for our own boutique firm. As we help you find the right talent, we'll walk through the following steps together.


The first step is easy.

Send us your resume

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2. Say Hello

An account manager will visit your offices to learn about your company, culture, environment, and requirements.


3. The Quest

Based on these findings, our recruiting team is propelled into sourcing action, reaching into our network and beyond.


4. Qualifying

Candidates are first screened by phone. Those who clear this initial round are invited to our office for a face-to-face meeting.


5. Presentation

After a final screening by your account manager, we present you with a list of top qualified candidates for review.


6. Interviews

Following discussion of those best candidates, we arrange interviews for you and your choices. It’s your turn to ask the important questions.


7. Feedback

So we can find the perfect fit for your company, your feedback is important to us. Don’t hold back, be candid.


8. Next Steps

If you click with one of the candidates, we will move forward with background checks, references, and an offer. If not, we’ll try again, back to sourcing.

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