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A package that is valid for 6 months. Book this package and take 8 slots and you can work on the 8 slots whenever you want within the 6 months.

Work Profile

Setup Cost Rs. 6100/-

Time slot = 6 months 

Payout = INR 6 for each form

JPG Files provided = 8 slots - Minimum 350 up to 500 per slot

No accuracy, payout directly for correct form

2 Slots should be taken at the start of the project

  1. The company will provide you JPG files

  2. You will have to download the given JPG files and feed the details to the software

  3. You have to fill the forms as per the number of forms taken by you

  4. When you finish typing save the file and submit to given mail id at the end after completing all the files


How does it work?

  1. Select a package

  2. Day 1 - Complete the enrollment process

  3. Day 2 -  Software Installation & Training

  4. Day 3 - Start Working