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At HireWiz, we believe in the power of ideas. We are based in Chennai, but we work with clients worldwide. Our Services Recruitment, Digital Marketing, Lead Generation & Outsourcing. We thrive on making a difference to brands and helping companies make powerful audience connections.

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There’s no formula for success. No matter the company size, every company is unique and requires round-the-clock attention from industry-experts to deliver. — that’s where we come in.

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Creating to Inspire

We’re passionate about helping brands find their creative voice. Founded in 2016, our one-stop solution for Digital Marketing, Recruitment, BPO Services, RPO, Web & Apps Development aims to help our clients thrive in a changing omni-channel world and leverage their unique strengths to build a personalized roadmap to success. We’re here to make your life easier — talk to us about how we can help.


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AB 103 & 105, Suite A, 2nd Floor,

4th Ave, AB Block, Shanthi Colony, Anna Nagar,

Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600040, India.

Email us : Connect@hirewiz.in

Reach us: +91 - 9940222448.